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"Dr. Parikh changed my life for the better by augmenting my breasts. He's the definition of a perfectionist and does absolutely impeccable work."

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You're probably identifying with many of these people who have similar backgrounds like you do. Like them, you can also have these same positive changes in your life. Through Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer you can have that little something that gives you that boost in confidence to get more out of life. Sometimes the little things can make all the difference in the world. Think about this. Did you know that often what separates the huge winner from second place can be a fraction of a second. This happens in horse racing and the 100 meter sprint. Working to get just a little better can make a world of a difference. Beauty can sometimes be that little extra you need to get some of the things you want in life. Based on our understanding of Beauty through specializing in this industry, we know the impact of beauty (click here to learn the benefits of beauty and some other links). If you've seen the movie Troy, Beauty can change the history of the world. For Dr Young this subject has been a long time fascination. He has taken this interest and discovered an Award Winning Theory on Beauty. You can learn more about this Theory by following this link: The Beauty Theory Advantage.

In Dr. Parikh, you will find the nicest, highly skilled, and sociable Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Face, Breast and Body Contouring Procedures. It is our goal to take care of you like family. We are excited for you to meet Dr. Rikesh Parikh.

"I didn't have one second of anxiety or concern. He listened to all of my questions and desired outcomes. I was at ease the moment I chose him as my surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, and I would definitely go to him again. He's a class act." - L.D. Nashville, Tennessee.


More on Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation:

Rikesh Parikh M.D. and AFB Plastic Surgery Presents Fat Transfer to the Breast - The Natural Breast LiftBreast Augmentation | Lift with Fat Transfer | Augmentation | Grafting: This natural approach to breast augmentation entails liposuction to harvest donor tissue with grafting into the breast area to achieve a desired volume. This procedure is better when a person wishes smaller enhancements to the breasts. When larger breasts are desired, breast augmentation with implants become more favored. The benefit of having your own fat is that this is your own tissue and you will have a lot less chance of infection and reactions to the implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Risks: What are the risks with fat transferring to the Breasts? You can have the following as a result of fat augmentation to the breasts: cyst formation, infection (very low), calcifications (that can affect your detection of breast cancer with mammography), less than optimal fat graft survival, lumps | bumps from fat grafting, lower volume than desired, fat loss, etc. These risks will be discussed in more detail at the time of consultation.

More on Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation: Breast implants with silicone and saline are by far the most common approach to Breast Augmentation. Another growing procedure that has been presented as an alternative is fat transfer to the Breast. This procedure is getting improved yearly and now has gained more popularity in the community and people are getting great results. Again, the procedure involves harvesting fat (Liposuction) from areas such as the love handles, waist, hip, buttocks, thighs, abdominal area, lower back etc. After preparing the fat, the fat is then placed through small injections into the central breast, upper breast, cleavage line, etc based
on your particular specific needs and desires.

Who are the best candidates? Women who are looking for a mild to moderate increase in fullness in their breasts are great candidates. There should not be severe droopiness or sagging to your breasts. Breast imaging is something that we will need to consider for everyone contemplating breast surgery.


Primary Breast Augmentation

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Note: Individual results may vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

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