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Male Breast Reduction Surgery: Gynecomastia is a condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men that can occur really at any age. Hormonal changes, heredity, obesity, use of certain drugs, etc can all play a factor in causing Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is caused by some of the following: excess fat deposits | growth, excess breast tissues growth, excess skin | tissue. If you have Gynecomastia, it can lead to psychological consequences such as emotional stress which can ultimately have an effect on your self-confidence. For some, their quality of life can be severely affected. Some of the most intimate moments can be impacted. Your relationship with your significant other, going to the gym, hanging out at the beach, or any time your upper body is exposed.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery or Gynecomastia Correction Surgery ultimately reduces the size of your breasts and will help flatten and contour your breast tissue. Sometimes with very severe cases, your breast tissue can become stretched and your nipples can sag and stretch as well. In this case, techniques associated with a Breast Lift Procedure can help shape and contour your breasts. Liposuction alone to the breasts may be an option in some patients or a combination of surgery and liposuction. This will be determined by our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh during your consultation.

Q: Do I need just Liposuction or Removal (Excision) of breast tissue?

A: Liposuction is commonly combined with excision of the glandular breast tissue. The fibrous tissue of the breast typically does not respond well to liposuction alone and excision or removal of this tissue needed. Liposuction is great for contouring the chest wall and axillary area. Retroareolar tissue (tissue underneath the nipple area) can be removed from various incisions such as a periareolar incision (around the nipple/areola area) or a  horizontal incision located at the bottom near the crease is made.

Q: How does Gynecomastia Feel?

A: Some men may not have an obvious male breast showing, but may complain of the feeling of a firm or hard lump underneath the nipple area. At times this firm mass can be quite large and extend beyond the nipple areola complex area and mimic the female breast. Therefore some patient’s complain of the feeling that “something hard is in there” or “puffy nipples” Despite heavy exercise and body building the male chest still looks abnormal and is not contoured. The nipple area may still appear full or cone shaped.

Q: How is Gynecomastia Removed?

A: There are multiple incisions to remove the unwanted breast tissue in the male patient. Techniques: 1. Suction or Power Assisted Liposuction with or without laser or ultrasound 2. Incision around the bottom of the Areola (periareolar) from 3-9 o’clock or less 3. Incision at the lower crease or Inframammary fold (IMF) 4. Incision around both the Areola and IMF 5. Minimally Invasive Techniques with a remote incision Liposuction techniques usually are not able to remove the firm breast tissue alone. These techniques work well for the fatty areas. An incision is generally needed in addition to liposuction to remove the firm tissue and obtain a flap chest.

Q: How much does Gynecomastia Surgery/ Male Breast Reduction cost? 

A: The total cost of surgery usually includes 3 main components;

1. Surgeon’s fee
2. Facility/Hospital fee and
3. Anesthesia fees.

Fees may be given to you as separate or all included.
Price for procedures can vary based on many factors.
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Postoperative Recovery Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery may or may not involve liposuction. A garment will be placed over your chest for a few weeks and should be worn as much as possible. The incisions must be taken care of.  Activity is generally limited in the area for few weeks. The incisions will have bandages (dressings) on them which should remain on. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh will go over your wound care in more depth before and after your surgery.

Complications: Wound breakdown, Bleeding or Hematoma, Infection of incisions, Scarring, Nipple or skin necrosis, Need for revision surgery, Altered sensation, Seroma, Contour Irregularities.

Risks of the procedure are outlined above and will be discussed with you in detail at the time of your consultation. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh encourages you to have questions ready and is always available to answer questions regarding your safety in terms of procedure and anesthetic risks.

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Note: Individual results may vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

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