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“He really listened to what my ideal end result would be, but was also very honest about what I can expect instead of just saying yes to me and risking me not getting results I wanted… It turned out great and I am so pleased with how I look now. He didn't just fix my nose but also made sure that the shape still worked with my face. He really cared that I was happy with my results and made me more comfortable with the whole process.” K.W. 

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 “Dr. Young and his staff made my experience one of a kind… I have you to thank for that Dr. Young. My new nose is perfect, I cannot thank you enough for this new look on life.”  N.R.

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facelift neck lift
facelift neck lift

Note: Individual results will vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Note: Individual results will vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Rhinoplasty otherwise known as “Nose Job” involves reshaping the nose not only aesthetically but also at times functionally. The nose may be a source of breathing difficulty and Rhinoplasty may be the answer for this issue. In general, the procedure can be performed with two approaches; Open rhinoplasty (making an incision on the columella of the nose or underneath) or Closed rhinoplasty (making an incision inside the nose where no scar is seen on the outside of the nose). Our Plastic surgeon Dr. Parikh or Dr. Young will discussion these different techniques during your consultation and determine what the best approach would be for your needs. Rhinoplasty is considered a procedure that can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your face since it is the center or focal point on one’s face. The aesthetic goals can vary between patients but here at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery we strive for more natural looking results. The techniques involved in rhinoplasty are numerous; and can range from a simple dorsal hump removal to complex grafting, tip work, septal work or crooked nose repair.    

How much does a Rhinoplasty cost?
The total cost of surgery usually includes 3 main components;
1. Surgeon’s fee
2. Facility/Hospital fee and
3. Anesthesia fees.
Fees may be given to you as separate or all included.
Price for procedures can vary based on many factors. The average price for an upper Rhinoplasty in this area can range from $5000 -$10000. (this is an estimation, every case is unique and have different levels of complexity that may affect the price, our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh or Dr. Young will determine what you need to achieve your desired goals).

How do I prepare for a Rhinoplasty surgery?
Safety is the number one priority with any surgery. In preparation for your Rhinoplasty surgery you should have your expectations and desired outcomes set, your medical and surgical history reviewed as well as any medications you are taking. All this is completed during the consultation with our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh or Dr. Young. Most importantly medications that thin your blood can increase bleeding risk during or after your facelift surgery. Some over the counter medications or herbal medications may also contribute to blood thinning and increase bleeding risk. Your blood pressure should be controlled prior to and after your surgery. During your consultation and physical exam, these medications will be reviewed and discussed in more detail with regards to stopping them. Sometimes, these medications may involve consulting your primary care provider on whether this is safe to do or not.
What is the postoperative care after Rhinoplasty?
After your rhinoplasty, our plastic surgeon Dr. Parikh or Dr. Young will contact you and keep a close follow up during the initial phase. Instructions regarding wound care, and postoperative medications will be reviewed with you in detail. Monitoring of your progress after surgery is very important. Complications although uncommon can occur early or later in the postoperative course. We encourage patients to contact us immediately if there are any concerns after surgery.
What are the possible complications after Rhinoplasty surgery?
Wound breakdown
Loss of skin
Altered sensation to the area
Altered smell
Breathing difficulty
Cartilage resorption
Cartilage warping
Contour irregularity
Risks of the procedure are outlined above and will be discussed with you in detail at the time of your consultation. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh and Dr. Young encourage you to have questions ready and are always available to answer questions regarding your safety in terms of procedure and anesthetic risks.



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Note: Individual results may vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

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