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Dr. Ludwig Allegra MD and Dr. Philip Young MD of Seattle | Bellevue present Facial Aesthetics and Surgery of the Face
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Do you feel your face has aged? Do you have a tired appearance? Is it affecting your lifestyle? Come visit us for a consultation with Rikesh T. Parikh M.D. Plastic Surgeon and Philip Young M.D. Facial Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

"My goal is to take care of you to the best of my ability using the latest techniques. Nothing makes me happier than helping a patient achieve their desired look, and ensuring they have a great experience before and after plastic surgery." - Dr. Ludwig Allegra

Note: Individual results will vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Rejuvenate yourself with Facial Aesthetic surgery or Nonsurgical Procedures. Here at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery we specialize in facial cosmetics and provide a wide spectrum of facial procedures.

Our spectrum includes everything from spa like techniques for rejuvenation such as Botox, filler or peels up to face changing procedures such as implant placement and facial feminization. We also perform correction surgery for facial deformity secondary to trauma or cosmetic surgery.

Laser and IPL - Fully ablative carbon dioxide laser (CO2) or fractionated laser is available as well as Intermittent Pulse Light (IPL)

CO2 Laser Resurfacing – Involves removing the outer layer of the skin allowing the skin underneath to grow again. Treatment is useful for scars, acne, mole removal, and wrinkles.

IPL can treat a variety of skin problems. IPL is not limited to one specific wavelength and target chromophore as oppose to a laser which is. Examples of skin conditions treated include; pigmentation problems, sun damage, hair removal, small veins, and acne.


What are my options for wrinkles if I do not want surgery?

There are multiple causes for wrinkling (rhytids) in the face. The origin of wrinkles may be the result of the underlying muscles contracting (dynamic wrinkling), sagging of the underlying tissues of the face (retaining ligaments) or thinning of the overlying skin over time. There are fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles. Treatment varies based on your needs. For fine wrinkling methods suchs as laser, peels, botox (dynamic wrinkling) or filler (static wrinkling) may be a great option. If the wrinkles are large and deep surgery may be required such as face or neck lift. Dr. Allegra or Dr. Young will develop a plan based on your specific needs during your consultation.


I feel that some areas of my face are not ideal in shape?

There are different theories that have been proposed regarding facial ideal aesthetics. Despite this everyone is different and expectations are variable. When dealing with facial shape changes a very complex decision is made. Everybody’s vision on what they desire to look like is different, and is very unique to that individual. There can be no disconnection between you and your doctor under these circumstances. We believe in a customized tailored approach to fit your needs, so that your expectations will be met.

Options include: filler, cheek or jaw implants, fat grafting, and sometimes removal of bone or soft tissue.


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Note: Individual results may vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

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