Procedures at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery: We would like this page to help you with your procedures with us. Hopefully, we can direct you to the right pages so that you can find what you are looking for. For starters, You will likely want to know specifically about the procedure you are interested in. So what you will want to do is search the navigation bar above and find Procedures and scroll down and identify if it is in the body, breast, or face and then the specific procedure. After this you can request a consult and hit the contact us page above in the navigation bar. For the consultation, to expedite your consult it would be helpful for you to fill out the patient consultation form that can be found on this page: Patient Forms. We would also suggest that you read the General Consent and be prepared to sign this. This will be needed in all plastic surgeon offices that will gives us permission to consult with you and notify you of your privacy rights. Reading all of the links under Patient Resources is a good idea to get you started on the basics of Patient Care. Prior to coming in for a consult, you will likely want to learn about your physician. They can be found under the Our Team Navigation above. After this, you may want to know all the steps from consultation to Life long patient here: Procedure Process. To prepare for your procedure, we have created some nice after procedure patient care packages.

Follow this link to see Dr. Parikh present a Live Plastic Surgery Video of the Tummy Tuck Procedure showing you the muscle tightening for a flatter, more shapely stomach. You can have these same results just like these people. Warning this is Graphic!:

Below are some introductory videos to introduce Dr. Philip Young and Dr. Rikesh Parikh:

See Meghan tell her wonderful story about Seattle's Dr. Parikh:

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Primary Breast Augmentation

Rikesh Parikh MD, Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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