This is the fluid that is infiltrated in the tissue prior to liposuction. It allows for anesthesia and vasoconstriction (reduces blood loss) during liposuction. It allows for liposuction to be performed in the awake individual.

  • Tumescence is fluid that is generally composed of;
  • Anesthetic = Lidocaine
  • Fluid = Either Normal Saline (NS) or Lactated Ringer’s (LR) Solution
  • Vasoconstriction = Epinephrine

The amount of tumescence infiltrated to the amount of lipoaspirate (amount removed) is monitored closely. There are different ratios in how much tumescence is infiltrated to how much is removed with liposuction. Techniques such as Wet technique 3:1 ratio, Superwet technique 1:1 ratio or Tumescent technique are employed.

Lidocaine toxicity occurs from too much lidocaine in the system based on weight of the individual. It very important to record lidocaine dosing in liposuction.


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