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A body lift can be considered a 360 degree tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), however, there are differences in terms of complications and outcomes. The Body lift, Belt Lipectomy or Lower body lift is a more involved procedure where excess skin and subcutaneous tissue from the front and the back of the lower torso is removed. The procedure usually starts out in the prone position (laying on tummy) completing the back skin removal. The patient is then flipped to the supine (laying on back) position and the front portion is performed. The front portion of the procedure is performed like a tummy tuck with plication of the abdominal muscles if necessary.

Operating room time for a body lift is longer than a traditional tummy tuck because there is more involved and the patient’s position is changed in the operating room. The scar in a body lift is all the way around the front and the back in the belt area or bikini region.

The advantage of the body lift vs tummy tuck  are contouring  advantage in the thighs and lower back area. A traditional tummy tuck does not have a significant effect on thigh contouring. If a tummy tuck is performed in a candidate who really needs a body lift, there may be excess skin and tissue seen towards the back. This can be an undesirable look.  Our plastic surgeon will determine which procedure will suit your needs at the time of your consultation.

Patients that have had significant weight loss through weight loss surgery or diet and exercise may have a larger amount of excess skin with sagging in the lower back area and upper thighs. A body lift is usually the best approach in these situations.

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Note: Individual results may vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

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